Rethink the way of your cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Rethink the way of your cleaning fruits and vegetables.

Joseph Harabin

developed this fruit and vegetable cleanser, made from ten pure ingredients that include organic vegetable oils. Five essential oils traditional potassium mineral with water to produce a powerful cleanser that is safer and antibacterial. here at

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 The organic essential oils are distilled to maintain the highest purity and are added to increase the antibacterial effect.

The essentials oils have a worldwide history of hundreds of years of use

Oregano oils is recognized as antibacterial and Thyme oil acts as an amplifier in this cleansing effect. This

Synergism is a safe and effective purifying combination.

Lemongrass oil is from South East Asia is a pleasant fresh smelling addition that also has antibacterial activity.

 Orange oil. High in oil emulsifying limonene. Adds another dimension to removing oil and water based agricultural contamination.

Rosemary herb extract is an herbal antioxidant that prevents rancidity.

 Vegetable glycerin is added to keep the essential oils evenly mixed with the cleansing soaps. Glycerin is made from the vegetables oils liberated in the ancient soap making process called saponification.

 The ingredients are USDA organic from plant sources. This means no synthetic herbicides or pesticides. There are no harsh detergents or carcinogenic foaming agents or thickeners found in many other products.  



Joseph Harabin

January 25, 1947, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • 1969 Graduate Harvard College
  • Major in Chemistry (Synthetic organic and biological)
  • 69-71 Harvard Medical School Medical Sciences Department of Bacteriology and Immunology.
  • Courses in Neurochemistry, Brain Anatomy, Human Metabolism, Bacterial Metabolism, DNA science, Immunology, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, Economic Botany, Biochemical Systematics, Mycology
  • 71-74 Contract work in specialty chemicals.  
  • 75-79 Independent laboratory investigations distilling and extracting plant oils and preparation of ethyl alcohols from various plant sources.
  • 76 University of California Berkeley.  Course in Forensic Toxicology
  • 77-78 Manager of Asunaro Ranch in Sonoma California, under Sensei Muramoto, preparing Macrobiotic Japanese fermented foods. Investigation of various salt harvesting operations
  • 79-80 Extensive travel in Africa from Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi. Visiting tradition herbalists, civet farm, treks up Kilimanjaro and the Malawi, Mulanje Massif.
  • 80-84 Contract research specialty chemical and aromatic plant extractions.
  • 84- 2001 Maui, Hawaii. Changed life to recover my health from chemical sensitivity.
  • My wife and I started a bi-monthly magazine, Mauian, that after 6 years evolved into the Best of Maui, an annual hardbound in-room hotel visitor guide, supported by advertising,
  • 86-2013 Maintained 15 acres tropical garden of specimen fruit and medicine trees,
  • 96-2000 Publisher and owner of weekly local newspaper, Lahaina News
  • 93-2001 My book publishing company, Sandwich Islands Publishing, produced 34 mass market books of video gaming guides including several large sales number best sellers/
  • From my offices in Hawaii, I was the main sales person, made all the book print buys, sold foreign rights, maintained warehouses and transport of books, and developed the accounting with a successful understanding of how to lawfully minimize taxation.
  • 2002 Sold publishing company and newspaper and retired part time in St Sauveur, Quebec with Nancy Orr, a professional painter.
  • Travels through Central America, Western South America, and South Eastern Asia visiting ancient megalithic sites and investigated the uses of indigenous herbs and healing medicines
  • Presently writing and researching medical health restoration from a functional medicine perspective. Writing book chapters of these discoveries.
  • Personal experiments in longevity and intelligence enhancement with essential foods, minerals, vitamins and the new classes of adaptogen herbs and nootropics.
  • 2017 Contract research in organic cleaning products, natural product cosmetics, natural mineral infection elimination materials, and an energy brain boosting natural chewing gum.